Sponsor a Goal

fansThis season the club launched our ‘Sponsor a Goal’ initiative, where supporters sponsor every competitive Bankies goal scored during the season. A full list of sponsors are below:

[table tablesorter=”1″ id=”someid”]
Andy McGill, Goals (Defender /GK), £1
Colin Cameron, Alan Vezza Goal, £5
Colin Cameron, Alan Vezza Winner, £10
Fred McCosh, Phil Barclay Goal, £3
Scott McCready, Phil Barclay Goal, £1
Fred McCosh, Andy Paterson Goal, £5
Stevie McDonald, Diving Header Goal, £5
Stevie McDonald, Over Head Kick Goal,£5
Stevie McDonald, Volley outside Area Goal, £5
Mr.Fixit’s Tips, Penalty (Any Player), £10
Stuart McSporran, Penalty (Any Player), £5
Stevie Doogan, Hat-Trick (Any Player), £5
Stuart McSporran, Hat-Trick (Any Player), £5
Mr.Fixit’s Tips, Direct Free Kick Goal, £10
Andy McGill, Injury Time Equaliser, £10
Andy McGill, Injury Time Winner, £20
Alex Cairney, Clean Sheet, £5
Allan Hamilton, Clean Sheet, £5
Andy McGill, Clean Sheet, £1
Bill Abraham, Clean Sheet, £1
Donnie Reid, Clean Sheet,£5
Fred McCosh, Clean Sheet, £1`
Graeme McDougall, Clean Sheet, £5
James Lough, Clean Sheet, £5
John Darling, Clean Sheet,£1
Lawrie McGarvey, Clean Sheet, £1
Scott McCready, Clean Sheet, £1
Stevie McAneney, Clean Sheet, £1
Stuart Scott, Clean Sheet, £5
Tayport Bankies, Clean Sheet, £10
Alex Cairney, Goals, £1
Bill Abraham, Goals, £2
Billy McGeechan, Goals, £2
Alex Cairney, Goals, £1
Bill Abraham, Goals, £2
Billy McGeechan, Goals, £2
Colin Crosbie, Goals, £1
Danny Smith, Goals, £2
Davie Lundberg, Goals, £2
Davie McNeill, Goals, £1
Donnie Reid, Goals, £1
Frank Hotchkiss, Goals, £2
Fred McCosh, Goals, £1
Fred McCosh Snr, Goals, £1
Jim Lough, Goals, £1
John Darling, Goals, £1
Keith McIntyre, Goals, £1
Lawrie McGarvey, Goals, £2
Magnus McGibbon, Goals, £1
Malky McArthur, Goals, £1
Matt Bamford, Goals, £2
Paul Cummings, Goals, £2
Paul Harton, Goals, £1
Scott McCready, Goals, £1
Stevie Doogan, Goals, £2
Stevie Latimer, Goals, £2
Stevie McAneney, Goals, £2
Stevie McLaren, Goals, £2
Stuart Allison, Goals, £2
Stuart Kelly, Goals, £1
Supporters Bus, Goals, £1
Terry Lappin, Goals, £2
Tracy Glenny, Goals, £2