Club Statement: Pyramid

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The club received the following email, confirming plans to be part of the Scottish FA Pyramid at Tier 6 from season 2019/20 will now not go ahead.

“Good afternoon all

As you are all aware, discussions have been ongoing for some time around the introduction of additional leagues at tier 6. Unfortunately it has not been possible to find consensus across all parties.   The compromise proposal put forward at the last PWG meeting has not found support.

Accordingly, there will be no change to the current Tier 6 format for the 2019/20 season.

The SJFA have agreed to alter their disciplinary rules to mirror the JJP and will proceed on this basis from the start of season 2019/20.   The Scottish FA will audit the arrangements put in place by the SJFA.

The Pyramid Working Group will be re-convened during next season.

We are grateful for all the feedback at PWG meetings and directly from clubs at the league general meetings.   As well as the geographical imbalance at Tier 6 we are aware that there is uncertainty about the geographical boundary between the Highland League and the Lowland League which is something which can be addressed at a future PWG meeting.

The PWG meetings identified that for those leagues participating at Tier 6 it should be the top division within that league which is formally part of Tier 6 – divisions below that will not be Tier 6.  The East of Scotland Football League will be moving from three parallel conferences to a structure which has one division at the top.   It is that new top division which will form part  of Tier 6 for Season 2019/20.    Therefore the number of Tier 6 clubs for Season 2019/20 will be 32 (16 from EoSFL and 16 of the 18 clubs in the SoSFL).   Ultimately Tier 6 might comprise approximately 64 clubs and this would be a manageable number for the Scottish FA in terms of the JPP process”

Clearly, this position has important implications for the club and the Clydebank FC board of directors will meet on Tuesday to discuss this further.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free to speak to any director at tomorrow’s game at home to Troon.

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