Chris Black takes a break from football

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After six years, hugely popular midfielder Chris Black has decided to take some time away from football.

Blacky, 29 has played a major role in the club’s recent history – and of course scored that memorable goal against Annan in last year’s excellent Scottish Cup run.

Now with a young family, a demanding day job and professional studies,  Blacky departs – for now at least – with nothing but our very best wishes.

Clydebank manager Gordon Moffat explained: “It’s obviously disappointing, but Chris has a lot on and just needs to take this break and we all understand that.

“It’s obviously a blow for me and a blow for the squad, because he is a massive part of the dressing room but we understand what he has got to do. So, we wish him well and will possibly see him back at some point.

“I have a young family myself, and you put a lot of time into football. Although it’s part time level, it’s not just a couple of hours on a Tuesday and a Thursday. There are other bits and bobs we ask them to do, so there is a lot of commitment required, especially at this club with what we demand of them.

“We had a right good chat and tried to see if there was anything we could do in the meantime, but Chris felt like it was right to take a step back so we fully support him in that. He has been a tremendous player for me, he’s second only to Nicky Little in the appearances since I’ve been back and that speaks volumes for how much I value him. 

“He’s versatile with an incredible attitude and incredible engine, and I’d like to think we’ve seen an improvement in him in terms of on the ball and positioning, and that is why he has been such an important player.

“He has slotted in at right back a number of times, right midfield as well and although it is not where he wants to be, he’s the epitome of a good team mate. Every player in that dressing room would tell you the same, he’s the guy you want in the trenches with you.”

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